Scouts go Green

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In September 2023, the 13th Cwmgwrach Scout Group approached the fund. Established in 1980 with around 50 members and 12 volunteers they are a solid group providing a really great activity for young people in the area.

Their Scout Hall had experienced severe flooding earlier in the year, which resulted in the loss of numerous pieces of equipment and serious damage. They approached us to help with new doors, windows, and radiators because they had been working nonstop to get the place back up and running and they viewed this as an opportunity to make the hall even better.

This would help finish the renovation to make the building warmer, more comfortable, more energy efficient and to reduce energy costs. We were pleased to award a Micro Fund grant and then a couple of months later they had good news that the radiators would be covered by insurance and so they returned a small part of the grant and so our final award to them was £3,965

“We backed them because we want well-loved, fit for purpose community spaces, and we were pleased with their willingness to use this as a chance to upgrade and future-proof the building. It was evident from their re-opening this week that they have put a lot of work into it and that the venue will be well-used and maintained. Enjoy and keep up the good work.” – Kate Breeze, Executive Director