Refresh the vision of the Fund

Refresh the vision of the Fund 

Share your ideas for your community now  

Originally developed in 2015, the Community Vision for the Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm area of benefit highlighted opportunities for bringing added and new benefits to the area to drive local development. These opportunities represent a real demand for services, activities, and products that people living, working, and visiting the area identify are needed or are interested in encouraging here.  The Vision is the communities’ own work and creation, it is not something that others have decided will be good for them. It is now time to refresh your vision for the fund which means we will be engaging with communities to assess progress against priorities and set strategy for the fund.  

We need your help!  

Between January and June 2022 we will be hosting a variety of engagement activities from facilitated workshops to meet the team events. We have a survey we need as many people as possible who live or work in the fund area to complete.  

You can complete the survey here: link OR qr CODE OR BOTH  


Please ask your friends, families and colleagues to complete the survey as without the views of the whole community we cannot set the vision for the fund.  


Comments from the Pen y Cymoedd Team  

Shared decision making about future of the fund requires a shared understanding of goals. Since 2017 PyC has awarded over £5 million in funding. The original community prospectus set out the aims and aspirations of the communities and guided our decision making. Now is the time to refresh that prospectus. We aspire that the fund be community-led, place based and adaptable to community opportunities, issues, and priorities. We need your help to make sure we have all the information we need to set priorities and action plan for the next 5 years. We are now looking to the future and view this period of consultation as an opportunity to stimulate innovation and community activity not just gather information.” – Kate, Executive Director PyC Community Fund

The Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm Community Fund is in place until 2043 and has already invested in over 500 groups and businesses across the fund area, addressing many different themes and priorities that were first identified in the original prospectus. As the last few years have shown us, things can change quickly and it is important that you have a voice in shaping the funds vision over the next five years.  We need your help in identifying where the priorities are across the fund area and how the fund can support innovative, bold and impactful ideas for a longer term legacy of the fund” Michelle, Enterprise Support and Finance Officer PyC Community Fund   

Key milestones infographic
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Timeline of events and activities 

The team will be out and about over next 6 months at a variety of business and community venues chatting to groups, businesses and community members. Keep an eye on our social media for more details: 


February Glynneath 

February Treorchy 

March Abercwmboi 

March Pelenna 

April Croeserw 

April Resolven 

May Aberdare 

May  Ferndale 


We will also be hosting a series of facilitated workshops with local leaders, strategic partners, community and business representatives and more. If you have a particular interest in any of these themes we would welcome the opportunity to chat with your further and if you would like to do this, please contact us  


Outdoor spaces and recreation / Jobs and the economy / Education, Learning and Digital / Climate and the environment / Health and wellbeing / Community buildings / Tourism / Culture / Transport 



Your Ideas  

We need your help to make sure we have all the information we need to set priorities and action plan for the next 5 years. We are now looking to the future and view this period of consultation as an opportunity to stimulate innovation and community activity not just gather information. We will investigate and understand the Community Context and we need a sense of public opinion on what we have done so far in terms of what we have funded and direct investment. 


We accept that this process should take time – true engagement across a variety of methods needs trust to be built. Funders and communities need time together to identify, discuss and implement community-based work ideas. 

If you would like to get involved or have ideas of groups we should engage with or ways we can consult with community, please get in touch and let us know.  


Useful Links  

To find out more about original community vision, see here: Our Funding Priorities – Prospectus – Pen Y Cymoedd Community Fund ( 

To find out more about what we have funded so far, see here: What have we funded? – Pen Y Cymoedd Community Fund ( 

To view case studies of fund projects, see here: Case Studies – Pen Y Cymoedd Community Fund ( 

To see fund area of benefit, see here: AOB-Towns-and-Villages-PDF-1-1.pdf ( 


How we have delivered against community vision so far 

Outdoor Spaces and recreation  Jobs and the economy  Education, Learning and Digital  Climate and the environment  Health and wellbeing  Community Buildings  Tourism  Culture  Transport  

These will simply be PDFS that need to be behind each heading and MN will get these to you early Jan