Funding Priorities

What do we fund?

Our Funding Priorities

Before the Community Fund was launched, residents and communities hosting the Pen y Cymoedd wind farm were widely consulted and asked the question: What could this Fund do to bring real benefit to the local area?

The Prospectus was developed following these local discussions and conversations.  describes this vision in detail, and highlights community ambitions and priorities. This Vision is the communities’ own work and creation.

The people who have been involved in drawing up the vision are local experts: they live and work here; they know and use the services and area; they understand the area and its assets –  and the gaps in what’s available and opportunities to fill those gaps.

Our aim is to build the Prospectus into a resource that’s as useful as possible to potential Fund applicants. Where we already know of plans or resources that might be useful, we have referenced them. We will add to this, and develop this element through our discussions with you.

This animated film gives an overview of the community vision for the Fund: