Meet the Team

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Name? Barbara Anglezarke
Position at Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm Community Fund CIC? Executive Director
Job History (you want to tell us about)? Born in Lancashire (where my name comes from) and brought up there and in Somerset, I came to Wales to study archaeology in Cardiff and never left, so have lived in Wales for most of my life. I spent time volunteering after I left college and eventually went on to paid work with Women’s Aid and then housing associations in South Wales developing supported accommodation in partnership with a wide range of voluntary sector organisations. Volunteering was my route to employment as it is for many people. After 12 years in the housing sector, I went on to manage community development programmes with linked regional and national grant schemes for The Prince’s Trust, Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, and Forestry Commission Wales (FCW). For my last 7 years in the public sector, I worked with partners and stakeholders to develop national policy relating to people, woodlands and green spaces for the Welsh Government, FCW and Natural Resources Wales.
A bit about you? I live in Talyllyn near Brecon with my husband Jon, our Lakeland Terrier William – so Kate and I both travel over our lovely mountains to work each day. The commute couldn’t be better – the view and the light is different every day. Lots of things make me happy, including: dogs, singing with others, trees, being on top of mountains, peanut butter and learning new craft skills.
What made you want to apply for this job? The Fund offers an amazing opportunity to support positive change for upper valley communities. £1.8 million a year is a significant amount of money and it’s available for an usually long period – so we can work and plan for the long term. Although valleys communities are often talked about in terms of deprivation, deficit and loss, they are full of people with energy, passion, skills, commitment and kindness, and lots of ideas and plans. What a combination!
What skills do you think you offer to the PyC Fund? I have set up and managed grant programmes, working with communities all over Wales and there is nothing more motivational than being around people who want to make a difference. I’ve also been a volunteer and community group member for most of my life, and have helped to set up and manage community energy schemes, housing associations and orchards.
What most excites you about the PyC Community Fund? The enthusiastic and inspiring people we meet and talk to every single day, and the ability to support action that makes lives better – not just talking about it!
What do you think are the threats or risks to the success of this fund? I don’t think this is a risk as we’ll all work together to ensure it isn’t, but we do need to take a long-term, evidence-based strategic approach to our grant awards and investments, looking at how projects and programmes link and work together to deliver maximum, sustainable benefits – and we need to take informed risks!
If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why? A swift without a doubt! They are amazing birds (and we have several nests in our roof). They spend most of their lives on the wing, flying between their northern breeding sites and southern Africa. It’s a highlight of the year when they come back in early May, and the summer screaming parties over the garden are the soundtrack of the summer.
If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you want to have with you? A radio would be number one. I’m an addict. A saxaphone and some ‘teach yourself’ books, and an endless supply of peanut butter. Bliss.

Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself with our communities!