Job Creation: Paving the Way for a Brighter Future

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Did you know that PyC funding has created over 25 jobs and helped support and sustain a further 156 jobs in the fund area so far?

As a fund, we are committed to promoting and growing local businesses, creating job opportunities, and attracting enterprise and investment to the area, creating high-quality, secure jobs.

The fund is committed to supporting initiatives that:

  • Develop jobs skills of the future.
  • Support local businesses to sustain jobs and growth.
  • Support local people on their journey towards employment by removing barriers of all kinds to employment at all stages and for all ages
  • Develop jobs that focus on reducing carbon emissions, restoring nature and making environmental improvements
  • Raise the employment aspirations of people, in particular disadvantaged people living in the valleys
  • Encourage entrepreneurship, sole traders, social enterprises, and co-operatives
  • Provide quality, secure jobs

The community want the fund to be advocates for innovation and employment, so we continue to work with business support agencies, local authorities, and other partners. We ensure businesses of all descriptions receive the ongoing development and support they need, and we work to leverage that into the fund area.

The fund has supported and will continue to support a wide range of organisations including for example:

  • Independent retailers / local businesses
  • Community adult education
  • Youth education and employment
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Social, voluntary, sports groups and
  • community hubs
  • Social enterprises

We are continuing to promote and support the creation of high quality, secure jobs and here are just some of the examples of jobs created/sustained/supported by PyC:

Eleri Walters, Cynon Valley Branch Manager, Smart Money Cymru:

“This job has allowed me to become more confident and gain skills in a new industry, while working in the community I love.”

Sarah Sutton, Festival Director, Rhondda Arts Festival

“I am so grateful for the funding from Pen Y Cymoedd that is supporting me in the role as festival director for the Rhondda Arts Festival. It’s amazing to be able to spend my time putting on an arts festival in my local area, and I love all the networking and connections that I am making through this role.

Claire Pritchard, Children’s Rights Project Development Officer, Children’s Rights Unit

“I am passionate about children’s rights and sharing the message to ensure all children and adults know about them. Children have a right to be happy, safe, and feel that they really do matter.”

Gavin Simons and  Shanice Francis, Neurological Rehabilitation Wales

“What a fantastic opportunity to join NRW! working in such a safe and comfortable environment is very rewarding”


Shannon Bowditch, Play Co-ordinator, Little Lincs, Cynon Linc

‘My job in Little Lincs means a lot to me as I am providing fun and engaging activities for children of all ages in a community environment.’

Josh Conroy , Reception / admin worker, Cynon Linc

‘I love my job as I have a passion for this community and the people in it. I feel what we do here has a huge positive impact on Aberdare and surrounding areas and I am proud to be part of it’.

Kelsey and Tamara, Theatre and Events Development Team, Cwmparc Community Association

(funded by Pyc and Coalfields Regeneration Fund (CCA were able to match PyC to employ 2 staff instead of one).

“We are lucky to be able to work within our local community in roles that we are both passionate about.  Helping to develop a much loved Centre where we both used during our childhood and  seeing it being revived for  community use is so rewarding.”