£25,518 in loan/grant combination awarded to Kingsward Ltd. to fund equipment update for a thirty-year-old manufacturing business situated in Ferndale that aims to protect existing jobs and create new ones.

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Based in Ferndale, Kingsward Ltd. is a thirty-year-old manufacturing company with a focus on tube manipulation, laser cutting, sheet bending, welding, milling/turning, and powder coating. Following the recent acquisition of Kingsward Ltd. by a new management team, the company is transitioning to new, more effective IT and computer systems, which will allow them to greatly increase production. This will grow the company, generate new job opportunities in Ferndale, and support the 24 current jobs.

Their goal is to become Ferndale’s biggest employer and make a good contribution to the local community.

Why we supported:

“The fund is committed to supporting initiatives that help develop and expand

local businesses, particularly if the investment from the fund will help sustain jobs and

growth and their proposal clearly showed the impact of investing in new systems on being able to upscale production.” – Holly Jones, Enterprise Support, PyC

“Good news we have subsequently employed 7 more people furthering our growth.” Will Kinder, Managing Director, Kingsward Ltd.