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MICRO FUND GRANT – £1,720.00
Dare to Sing Ladies Choir was established in 2015 in Cwmdare and now has more than 80 members. Members were asked what they enjoy about the choir, and the comments submitted with the application were moving:
– Like many of the ladies, having been through cancer, when you’re singing you don’t think of anything, it’s so uplifting.
– Joining the choir has been the best thing I could have done after losing my husband, it helped me get through a very difficult time.
– I’ve loved being part of this choir from day 1, but never in a million years did I imagine it would provide me with such a sense of pride, satisfaction and belonging.
The application was well-considered and evidenced and a partial award was made for the costs of computer and audio equipment.
“The laptop has proved to be a real asset and the accounting system installed has helped treasurer and generally all minutes, paperwork and membership recording is now secure and accurately recorded. We are in process of scanning in all archive posters, programmes and photos and this will make production of newsletter and promotional material much simpler and ensure the group information is safe and available no matter who the committee members are in the future. Our repertoire is growing and with 83 members amplifier is essential to allow us all to hear keyboard and develop and expand our performances. Sometimes, it is the small things that make a big difference – having a microphone available when trying to organise 83 women into quiz team at a social was priceless! In submitting grant application and then purchasing and installing equipment we realised we needed stronger processes and so recruited 5 new committee members. We are so pleased to have receive the grant and the Choir will go from strength to strength.” – Chris Harrison Dare to Sing Ladies Choir
How this project met the fund’s priorities:
Encourage participation in cultural activities / Provide musical equipment for established groups / Support cultural activity and community spirit