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Monitoring & Evaluation:

Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm Community Fund CIC


In your application form, we ask you to tell us what you hope the three main outcomes of your project will be (there can be more!). We understand that things change and don’t always go to plan, so don’t worry – it’s all useful learning.
When your funded project comes to an end, we’ll ask you to tell us whether or not the expected outcomes happened and what your experience was. Providing this information is part of your commitment when you accept your grant. We’ll either send you a form to complete or have a phone chat with you – whichever works best for you. Photographs and quotes from any participants help to bring the project alive! We may also ask for evidence of expenditure – receipts, invoices etc.


Projects supported by the Community Fund vary widely. Some will be funded over many years, with revenue funding payments made throughout the project period – others may just need one capital grant payment. Reporting requirements will be tailored accordingly. Whatever the arrangements, all funding recipients need to tell us how the money has been spent, and crucially, what difference the work supported has made.

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