The Micro Fund

The 5th Round of Micro Fund is open now and will close at 5pm on Monday 11th February 2019.

We recognise that great ideas can sometimes be realised by the injection of relatively small sums of money at the right time – on a one-off basis.

The Micro Fund offers one-off grants from £300 – £5,000 to support important aspects of community life and to support enterprise development. This could include, for example: buying small items of equipment; minor capital works; activities, events and projects; business development and start-ups; pilot projects. Micro Grants can help cover the costs of community events, give the finishing touch to a larger scheme or can be the stimulus to a start-up; they can help publicise a service or support feasibility studies to develop bigger schemes. Grants have an upper limit of £5,000 but we expect many awards to be for smaller sums, and we actively invite those applications.

There are two Fund strands:

Micro Fund: Community – for voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises, community and town councils, and school PTAs.

Micro Fund: Micro Business – for those looking to develop or start up an enterprise.

Although statutory bodies cannot apply for a Micro Fund grant, we welcome projects or activities developed and delivered collaboratively.

We welcome partnership working with the statutory sector.The Micro Fund cannot support ongoing costs and you shouldn’t expect to apply every year for the same activity.

How to make a Micro Fund application

You’ll need to complete the Form that best fits with what you want to do.
To start your online application, click here