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The grant from Pen y Cymoedd supported our production of ‘Hairspray’ at the Parc and Dare Theatre, Treorchy. The main difference receiving this grant made was that we were able to use professional scenery, lighting and costumes which hugely enhanced the production.
72 people of various ages took part in the show and gained experience normally only available to semi or fully professional actors. The whole run of shows was sold out which is a massive boost to Selsig and our plans for next year. Add to this, the enjoyment, pleasure and positive feedback of the 600 people who watched the show each night we really feel proud of what we achieved in doing something for our community.
In this area so many people of various ages and backgrounds enjoy their involvement in amateur theatre, people who love to rehearse and take part, people who facilitate by teaching music, stage production, dancing and singing and then the behind the scenes people who keep group functioning. A production like this means hundreds of people participating, volunteering and enjoying something together in their own community.
Over the years financing shows at Parc and Dare has become more difficult and this year thanks to the Micro Fund grant we broke even and as treasurer of the Society this was a great relief, thank you Pen y Cymoedd.” – Ron Evans
Selsig have a very strong membership with ages from 16 to 84 and a mix of male and female. Costs have increased over last 10 years whereby they are becoming more prohibitive to the group. They have struggled with ticket sales the last two years but in mid-2017, while preparing their 2018 project, the Society conducted an on-line survey asking the general community to choose a musical they would like Selsig to perform in 2019. Many shows were suggested, however, more than 80% of respondents were in favour of “Hairspray”. When the decision was confirmed by the Committee, the reaction from present members and general public was extremely positive.  
The application was strong, and Ron took our advice and guidance during the application process, the show was fab, and we hope this successful show will help with finances for next year and has raised their profile even more in the Valley – Kate, Pen y Cymoedd
How this project met the fund’s priorities:
Local culture is valued as a local resource for self-expression / Calendar of events, well-advertised for locals and visitors / support cultural activity and community spirit