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£3,750 – MICRO FUND – FEB 2017

This is a high-profile group and project in the Rhondda Valley, with strong connections in the upper Afan Valley also. Committee members are passionate about the potential of the Tunnel to contribute to local regeneration and tourism – and there are good examples of this happening elsewhere. Rhondda primary schools have already incorporated the Tunnel into their curriculum.

Tunnel inspections have been carried out 2015 and 2016 and the next step will be an in-depth engineering survey and feasibility study, to assist with negotiations to transfer Tunnel ownership from Highways England to a Welsh public body. The group wanted a film made to promote the vision of the group and films can be very effective at communicating a vision – NRW developed a fly-through film to show how the approach to Aberystwyth would look with an avenue of street trees and this helped to secure funding.

The Rhondda Tunnel Society is now able to put on an entertaining and informative presentation to interested parties. The aim is to raise awareness of the project and to seek the widest possible support. The video has been put on YouTube and we have presented it to members, the video has been well received wherever we have shown it. The project to re-open the Rhondda Tunnel will directly benefit, we will be showing it to European organisations and politicians next month in Brussels. Thank you to the Pen y Cymoedd Fund for helping us make this video which will be used to sell the vision of the tunnel project to attract investors.” – Lesley Crewe Rhondda Tunnel Society

“this is absolutely amazing, once again, I’m blown away by the effort, dedication and enthusiasm for this project. This really can make a difference and the video clearly demonstrates that” – Facebook comment