Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm Community Fund supporting the rejuvenation of much-loved community building Resolven AFC

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Resolven AFC was established in 2012 and the club building itself needs improving and the trustees approached the fund with a vision to have a modern multi-purpose club that is fit for purpose and caters for all sports and leisure activities that promote the health and wellbeing of the village of Resolven and surrounding areas.

They have been working hard on improving the facilities over a number of years and have used lockdown to further develop the vision in consultation with users and members. However, they were in a position where the next job had to be the roof as there is significant water ingress, and this is impeding any further improvements.

Pen y Cymoedd have awarded them £111,442.32 as a grant / loan mix that will pay for scaffolding, asbestos removal, new roof and new interior ceiling. The club are committed to continue raising funds and securing grants to complete the refurbishment. The need for the work was evident as was the commitment and drive of Ieuan, John and the rest of the trustees to transform the future of the venue. As a fund we want to support community spaces (indoor and outdoor) that align with community needs and ensure there is a sustainable network of well used community buildings.

“Resolven AFC was established in 2012 from the remnants of the TRW factory closure. The club had been in existence with TRW/Cam Gears support since 1978. In 2012 the trustees worked extremely hard to secure the building for now and the future generations and the club currently supports 2 x Senior Football Teams / 2 x Senior Bowls Teams /4 x Table Tennis Teams and up until Covid, a Darts and Pool Teams and several other local groups.

For too long the size of the building has worked against the membership and a slow slide from grace has been allowed to happen although we have made constant minor repairs. A vibrant new committee decided to apply to PyC for much needed help.

We have invested in upgrading and modernising the bar, creating a children friendly beer garden, extensive decorating and soft furnishing for the big hall. We have also made improvements to the toilet facilities and storeroom extension. We are determined to transform ‘our club’ to its former glory, with extensive use by the existing community whilst embracing a wider dynamic. If desire and commitment are gauged success, then we look forward to the future” – Resolven AFC Trustees