A grant of £142,860 has been awarded to Rhondda Netball for the Community Coach & Role Model Development Programme

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Rhondda Netball is a charity established in late 2016 to change the landscape of opportunities for girls and women in sport throughout Rhondda & RCT. At the end of 2017 – just one year after it launched – Rhondda Netball became largest female sports participation initiative in Wales, and since opening back up post-pandemic for 2021/22, they’ve seen a remarkable 939 participants take part each week across their out-of-schools programmes.

They approached the fund as they want to be able to support their key Operations Manager role and Community Coaches & Role Models, and give themselves time to develop their sustainable income streams. For us as a fund, this was a unique opportunity to support core revenue costs for an organisation that has seen year on year growth but wants to evolve its business model towards greater levels of sustainability and reduce reliance on grant income.

“The significance of the activity and the levels of engagement cannot be underestimated in an area where opportunities for females in particular to participate in sport locally were very limited before Rhondda Netball. In funding the initiative, we are addressing the following community priorities that came from extensive consultation: A range of quality, sustainable jobs / increasing the proportion of economically active women / Communities that are healthier and more active and developing more enterprising and entrepreneurial communities. We are so very proud to support this inspiring and exciting organisation over the next 5 years.” – Kate Breeze, Executive Director

The Vision Fund grant will support the charity’s Community Coach & Role Model Development Programme – the community coaches lead the various programmes activities throughout Rhondda, encouraging/developing participants, and acting as role models for other future leaders/volunteers to get involved and give back to the community. The grant will allow Rhondda Netball to give 26 leaders on this programme the opportunity to do something they love, whilst obtaining training, qualifications and experience to support them in their futures. The funding will also sustain a full-time Operations Manager role which is essential in helping to deliver this level of activity and continue to drive the organisation and oversee the young leaders.

“Words simply cannot express how thrilled we are to have been awarded a grant from the Pen y Cymoedd Vision Fund. It really is a watershed moment for Rhondda Netball as we seek to develop a more sustainable business model over the next five years, and to say we are grateful to Kate and the Board would be a huge understatement.” Jody Barnes, Operations Manager

“This support will have a transformational impact on our Community Coach & Role Model Development Programme and Operations Manager role from 2022/23 onwards. The Pen y Cymoedd Community Fund has already made such a difference in the upper Neath, Afan, Rhondda and Cynon Valleys communities, and we’re certain, through this grant, our work in the Upper Rhondda and Upper Rhondda Fach areas, is going to go to a whole new level.” Lawrie Davies, Founder & Managing Director

Want to find out more about Rhondda Netball and the amazing impact they are having, then check out their website and social media:
@rhonddanetball (FB & Insta)