Pen y Cymoedd supports Rhondda Arts Festival with £60,000 over the next 3 years

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The festival believes in the power of the arts to change communities and individuals’ lives and are keen to push boundaries and explore what the future of the arts might look like in Treorchy and throughout the Rhondda Valleys.

Pen y Cymoedd funding will help them grow the festival for the next three years and capitalise on the momentum they have built in 22.23.

Their focus now is on:

  • Participation and inclusivity
  • Exposure to arts and culture
  • Wellbeing and community pride
  • Growing attendance

 “The Rhondda Arts Festival will be able to maintain its success and grow into a long-term, sustainable model with impact for people and communities in the upper Rhondda and beyond thanks to three years of funding from Pen y Cymoedd. We are excited to see what they can accomplish with some core money over the next three years since art, in all its forms, has a powerful way of helping people find their place in the world.” – Kate Breeze, Executive Director, Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm Community Fund.

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive this funding from Pen Y Cymoedd. It is going to allow us to grow the Rhondda Arts Festival and have a greater impact on our community through the arts. We can’t wait for the future and to be able to run fantastic festivals for years to come. Diolch yn fawr Pen y Cymoedd!” – Sarah, Festival Director