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AFC Aberaman

AFC Aberaman were awarded a Micro Fund grant of £2,297.25 to support summer training and some kit and equipment. They had a difficult couple of years and had a clear plan to offer training out of season and new kit and equipment to keep players and volunteers engaged and start to develop their sustainability.

We have developed our physical and mental fitness and playing skills through the extra pre-season training matches provided and the extra 3G mid-week training sessions financed by the grant. We also have a much stronger committee who have remained positive throughout the many challenges presented during a tough and turbulent season.

We have retained our team of young, keen, committed players. We have also attracted more new players into the team and now have a much larger supporter base. We will enter the 2020/21 Season from a much better financial position.

Incredibly sadly, we lost one of our previously signed players who died in an accident and this massive shock obviously affected all of our lads, committee, and supporters. As a tribute, we had our last season’s tops and training tops embroidered with his name and will have a special remembrance friendly match just before the new season starts. Moving forward, the search is on for a second goalkeeper and we are all looking forward to the upcoming 2020/21 Season – #UpTheAmbers2020.”