How are we doing?

Monitoring and Evaluation

How are we doing?

Monitoring & Evaluation:

Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm Community Fund CIC

Wavehill are looking closely at the way in which we work as an organisation, focussing on these two questions:

  • How effective is the Pen y Cymoedd CIC structure and working practices of the staff team and Board?
  • How effectively is the programme being delivered and supported? What’s working well and what are the barriers?

Reporting on an annual basis, the work undertaken by Wavehill will include:

a. analyses of programme monitoring data;
b. online questionnaires and interviews with the Pen y Cymoedd team and Board members;
c. online survey of grant applicants and recipients;
d. in-depth interviews and site visits with a sample of grant recipients (Micro and Vision) and the development of case studies;
e. stakeholder interviews – our stakeholders are all those who have an interest in or who can affect or are affected by the Community Fund e.g. local authority members and officers, umbrella organisations, Interlink and NPT CVS; and
f. post-reporting learning workshop and online discussion forum.

We publish each year’s recommendations and the Pen y Cymoedd response (see below. However in October 2021, the Board revisited all year’s recommendations and in this document you can find, recommendations, initial responses and updates. The PyC Board are committed to improving how we operate and we will next update this document in April 2022 with progress against actions.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the recommendations, please get in touch with the staff team here

Here are the findings and Board responses for 2021
Here are the findings and Board responses for 2020
This is the Summary of the Evaluation Findings Report 2020
These were the findings and Board responses for 2019