Community Profile – Treherbert (Blaencwm, Blaenrhondda, Tynewydd, Treherbert, Pen-yr-englyn) – We need your help!

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Communities in the Fund’s area of benefit have a dedicated Supporting Communities Team, providing development support to Pen y Cymoedd fund applicants and grant recipients. One of the key pieces of work over the last 12 months has been developing Community Profiles capturing baseline data using existing knowledge, surveys, profiles and community plans. We have 21 in-depth community assessments / community profiles and the team have been out doing ground truthing with people in the community areas.

Please read here and then:

  • We know that these profiles do not include everything that is going on and so if you have something you want to add, suggest a change or you know of something that is incorrect – we would be really grateful if you could let us know. You can email us to let us know what needs adding, changing or deleting.
  • As you can see, we have a space on front page called ‘Introduction from the Community’ and we want to write this based on comments and information community members provide.

We will also discuss and test the validity of the draft Profiles with stakeholders, elected members, community/town councils etc. We will always keep the most up to date versions of the profiles on our website and the next step is to analyse the profiles to identify emerging strengths, needs and priorities for action and then using and building on the profiles, work with communities to identify opportunities for community action and to develop Community Vision strategies.