The Essential Warehouse: A Community Based Project at Cynon Valley Church Cwmbach awarded £36,530 as part of £48,000 project to render, repair, redecorate and add solar panels.

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Cornerstone Church is the proud home of the essential warehouse, a vital community initiative that serves as a lifeline, providing free and essential items to individuals and families in need within the Cynon Valley. Managed by dedicated local volunteers, this project not only meets tangible needs but also contributes to building a sense of confidence, self-esteem, and worth among participants, fostering a stronger and more resilient community.

Why we supported:

  • Community spaces (indoor and outdoor) that align with community needs
  • (space for young people, health hubs, usability for the disabled etc.)
  • Fit for purpose buildings and spaces
  • Provide sustainable community facilities and transport for groups of all ages
  • to meet
  • A sustainable network of well used community buildings

The centre is constantly bustling with fun and social activities, but they also give vital support through a food bank, clothing bank, and numerous other outreach programmes. What they excel at doing is determining what the community needs and bringing in support services to provide it. They do this with Barnados, the local authority, citizen advice, and local housing support, among other services. If they are unable to assist, they will know of someone who will be willing to take the time to support you through difficult times.

They are small and committed community group in the heart of the Cynon Valley, who take pride in their mission to provide unwavering support to those who need it most within the local community. We love what they are delivering and their commitment and passion to supporting the community in all ways but they need a fit for purpose building and costs under control to deliver that and so we are thrilled to support them.” – Kate Breeze, Pen y Cymoedd  

First, we would like to thank you all at Pen Y Cymoedd for believing in us . Your constant support and encouragement made what sometimes felt impossible and challenging, possible. 

The funding we have received from you is without doubt a lifeline to us. In turn being a lifeline to others, helping many in the community to receive the support they deserve.

We serve a community with multifaceted needs, and we work hard to meet those needs in many ways. We do not judge but offer love and support to those who seek our help.   

The Solar Panels will not only help reduce our running coasts but will reduce our carbon footprint, which is also important, as our planet needs our love and support also. Being able to renew the wall outside which is letting the rain in from many area, will also reduce the need of so much heating. Cosmetically making the coffee room more appealing and comfortable.  

The vision for the CVC Essential warehouse Cornerstone Cwmbach is growing and we are growing with it, but we cannot do it on our own; by joining together we can make a difference.

Without your support we could not do what we do! Thank you again from Pastor Dan, The Elders myself and our amazing team. God Bless” – Libby and the team at Cornerstone