PyC Fund supports local art group

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Back in March 2020 we funded Aberdare Art Society with a grant of £1,500. Of course, with the pandemic everything was on hold for a year, and we agreed to extend the grant period.
“Our project was to expand our art group and offer new services to local members of the public in hopes that they would be interested in expanding their artistic ability or to take it up. This would take shape in the form of additional materials for people who do not have access to paints to be able to just come in and try their hand at painting. As well as several workshops throughout the year where members of the public could come in and learn about various different mediums of painting. We also planned to hold an open night to advertise our group to the public.
We have seen a lot of new faces at our workshops. From people who had never painted before to those who wanted to try new techniques. One of the workshops was on abstract art and all the members who normally did traditional landscapes took part and tried out something that they would never have attempted had it not been for the tutor coming in and explaining the process.
• We have 4 new permanent members of the society
• Every member of our group benefitted in some way from the grant, being able to learn new skills and open the door for new ways of thinking in the future.
• Many of our current members as well as many members of the public were able to use the materials provided by the grant. Every time we had a workshop, we used the supplies to expand our work and without the grant that would not have been possible.
• We had a large variety of tutors. Our first was an acrylic teacher who worked with us to paint the same picture as he was showing us. During that event we had to share tables because there were so many people in the room. Every single chair was filled.
The grant has helped Aberdare Art Society immensely. With our last workshop finishing just a couple of weeks ago everyone is excited about the next time we might be able to have artists in to demonstrate their work. This was first time I had applied for a grant and had to organise workshops, so it has been an exciting experience which I have learnt a lot from. I hope that Pen y Cymoedd and Aberdare Art Society can continue to cooperate in the future.
Many thanks, Kevin, Aberdare Art Society.”