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Showcase is one of the few registered charities working with children through the media of performing arts in the Cynon valley. Whilst the number of drama and musical societies continues to decline, Showcase continues to provide valuable opportunities for young people and performances of all kinds to local communities. They work with young people of all ages and take productions out and about – from Shakespeare in a country park and local church to concerts and performances in theatres.

This application to support the production and performance of ‘South Pacific’ at the Coliseum Aberdare, was to support performance for the thrill and joy of it. The Association reaches and engages with many young people – the experiences they have will be valuable in their future lives whatever they go on to do – contributing to confidence, self-esteem and skills development.

The project has helped raise the profile of Showcase Siogerdd, we had good audience numbers and the show provided opportunity to see a well-known musical at an affordable price. Our cast members aged from 5 to 30 and they had acting, singing and dancing workshops. All our members were able to join the cast and experience working with a live band, orchestra, wearing costumes and learned technical skills. We sold 703 tickets over 4 nights and our audiences came from all areas of the community and all ages. Our organisation benefitted greatly from the sum received from Pen y Cymoedd which allowed us to provide opportunities for our members to have a real theatre experience and just as importantly enjoy themselves.” Quote from Roger Williams – Showcase Siogerdd