Pen y Cymoedd supporting amazing new Re:Make Valleys social enterprise Dant y Llew CIC with funding of £147,114.24

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Dant y Llew’s (DYLL) vision is to support sustainability within the Rhondda and Cynon Valleys, by replicating the success of the Re:make Newport model. Trading as Re:Make Valleys they will establish a Repair Café, a Benthyg (Library of Things), and an affordable zero waste shop. Creating volunteering opportunities, facilitating workshops around sustainability, and supporting individuals to make climate positive behaviour choices.The aims of the project Re:Make Valleys are: #Reduce waste from landfill
#Develop a circular economy within the area of delivery
#Create paid and voluntary positions
#Offer an alternative shopping experience
#Create conversation and learnings around Climate ChangeA project this ambitious needs staff who can lead the business, help build the enterprise’s reputation and visibility, and also support the volunteers and networking needed. When they approached the fund, they had already secured a few small pots of funding to develop the model, buy equipment, and set up the organisation.We are honoured to provide them with a grant commitment of £147,114.24 over a three-year period. Creating two new roles, a part-time Finance/Admin Manager and a full-time Service Manager, in the Maerdy region as a result of this.”The group was established as a result of the necessity to alter how waste is managed on a personal and communal basis. Delivering solutions that are both easily available and reasonably priced to the rising cost of life. For those who have encountered impediments to work, the Re:Make model can also offer a meaningful and encouraging volunteering experience. The goal of DYLL is to promote a cleaner, leaner, and greener community by helping the locals decrease waste, save prices, and clear clutter. They have a lot of community and local stakeholder backing, and the initiative is very exciting. – Kate Breeze, Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm Community Fund’s Executive Director“Dant Y Llew CIC are so excited to have been successful in gaining the Vision Fund Grant, this will allow us to push forward with our vision to build a fully inclusive space in the heart of the Valleys. Allowing us to share with our community ways to reduce their impact on the planet by making changes in the way that we approach shopping. Dant Y Llew are really looking forward to the next free years working with Pen Y Cymoedd Wind Farm Community Trust. We are immensely proud to have received this support and cannot wait to grow our vision.” – Nova Barton Dant Y Llew Director