New Green Valley Shop opens with support of Pen y Cymoedd funding

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Last week a brand-new shop opened on the award-winning Treorchy High Street. Green Valley looks absolutely incredible and as a fund we have been proud to support this business start-up with funding of £16,311 as a mixture of grant an repayable loan.

As well as a base for the fruit and veg shop that started out as a stall outside The Lion, they are selling plastic-free products, sourced as locally as possible with the aim of reducing food waste. They sell most items you would expect at a conventional supermarket – including fruit and vegetables, dry food, freshly baked items, household products, toiletries and much more.

They use bulk dispensers to eradicate the need for individual packaging. Customers can bring their own containers to refill or purchase in store. Only 9% of the world’s plastic is currently recycled, so Green Valley will support the community to slow down the use and then production of plastic to protect further irreversible damage to our planet.

The business has created 4 full time jobs and is also working with a number of schools and organisations to raise awareness for the need to reduce our single use lifestyle and to move to a more sustainable way of living.

For Pen y Cymoedd supporting this new business met with the following priorities the community gave us 5 years ago: Well-kept high streets / Self-sufficient communities – Communities can satisfy all their basic needs locally and make the most of local resources / A range of quality sustainable jobs

“Pen y Cymoedd have been instrumental in supporting new businesses growth in our area and we are proud to be one of those businesses. We wanted to open a shop that could help our community to eat fresh and to live a more sustainable way of life. We have only been open a week so far but the feedback has been fantastic and we are really proud of what we have created.” – Rhiannon.

“As a fund we are thrilled to support a new business onto the high street, ensuring a thriving local offer as well as helping to create new, sustainable jobs. However, what we are really excited by is the change in shopping habits this business will encourage. The climate crisis is very real, and people want to do all they can to reduce their environmental impact. Shopping here is green, sustainable, and supporting local business. The shop looks amazing, and we wish them every success.” – Kate Breeze, Executive Director Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm Community Fund.