Funding staff and resources for Cwmparc Community Association to develop and grow the theatre space – Vision Fund Grant £110,000

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The Cwmparc Community Centre will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2024, and to help them realise their goal of restoring the theatre to its former splendour and making it a regular venue for community activities, they turned to the fund.

They have already made an investment in the theatre space and have successfully held community events like weddings, craft fairs, parties, and theatre performances. To make the space a useful community asset, they require employees to market and interact with the community, encourage usage of the facility, and make improvements to the furnishings and equipment.

Because we are dedicated to supporting and promoting cultural activity, Pen y Cymoedd is happy to fund this project over the next two years. Even though there are several community halls and sports facilities close by this theatre stands out for its design and potential use, and the variety of letters of support demonstrates the wide range of support for the project. This development will provide a venue for a variety of cultural and community events.

The money will provide part-time hours for hospitality positions for local and young people as well as a quality, long-lasting job in the fund area.

This growth and funding provide the organisation a genuine chance to create a revenue stream that will support the charity endeavours. That is already done by the community café they operate, and the gym is on track to do the same. With the help of prior small grant funding from PyC, they have already shown that they are capable of creating jobs that are impactful for the organisation and sustainable.

“We are thrilled to receive support from PyC Vision Fund towards achieving our vision for our Theatre Space, the funding boost will not only enable us to make some essential renovations to the space but will also enable us to create a local employment to help us develop the Theatre for local Arts and Cultural events, which will help us to increase community participation into the Association. Without this support we wouldn’t have been able to achieve our plans for the 150Yr Anniversary in 2024.”