Cwmbach Wetlands

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Cwmbach Community Wetlands is a 11 hectare site comprising lagoons and wet pastures. This site has a mix of marsh, grassland, swamp, open water, woodland, scrub and lies in an area dominated by housing and industrial activity. Over the years it has organically developed into a haven for a wide variety of wildlife and provides local people with the opportunity to connect with nature on their doorstep.

During the pandemic, more people began using the area and become emotionally connected to the land, showing the increase in interest and the way in which it has supported wellbeing, but it has became apparent that the area and its wildlife required protection in order to continue to thrive. In Spring 2020 two nesting swans successfully hatched two cygnets after 3 years of unsuccessful attempts as nests were interfered with. At the end of July both cygnets were found dead on the wetlands and the RSPCA were unable to determine cause of death. The communities’ response was the creation of Cwmbach Wetlands, a local charity who was set up with hopes of taking over a wetlands area and apply for conservation status to protect it for future generations.

Their main aim is to protect this rare natural environment on and to make it accessible to all who wish to visit it, be that to partake in nature walks, volunteer as a litter-picker, photograph the wildlife or contribute ideas for the future of Cwmbach Community Wetlands.

In March 2022 we awarded £2,000 to fund an Ecological Survey, which was an important step for the group to gather the evidence needed that this land needs protecting. The group have ambitious plans for the site under community ownership and you can follow their progress on Facebook. We were glad to support a community group looking to protect and enhance the local natural environment. We look forward to seeing what the group achieve in the future!