ACT 1 Theatre Group

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Awarded a Micro Fund of £2,500 to support Junior and Youth group’s summer and autumn productions. This was an excellent application from a group serving the Upper Rhondda – they had clear plan for 6 months’ worth of productions and activity and had significant match funding towards the project. The schedule included: A large scale production of Peter Pan the Musical with Junior Group / production of “Little Shop of Horrors” with Youth team / “Ghost the musical” with senior group / a free Community summer cabaret concert amongst other things.

The funding was instrumental in allowing us to produce the work at the level achieved and made a significant enhancement to the experiences of our participants and community/audiences alike. The ability to purchase some of the equipment allowed by the funding has allowed us to significantly enhance the standard of work we produce, ultimately improving the experience of all of our participants. We have always prided ourselves in working to the highest possible standard, giving our members the most “professional” performing experience possible and our local communities the standard of entertainment that they deserve. The improvements we have made using the funding have enabled us to improve further and allowed us to invest the income from ticket sales further into the company.

An added bonus was that we have been able to support a couple of local bands/small organisations through the loan of equipment as well. An unexpected added bonus was our ability to divert some of our own funds to allow the experimentation of Video projection as a scenic device, this was done in Peter pan and Ghost, Along with the benefits to the production, several of our volunteers were able to use the equipment to learn new skills, so the CPD benefit to them was a lovely extra for us to be able to support.” – Matt, ACT 1 Theatre Group